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I am usually 'advised' by my peers to separate my proposed techniques...
I create via incorporation.
Thus, this is what i shall continue to do.


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Escapen dream state

Escapen dream state

Having thawed last month’s song, I am reforming.

The instances of my soul on my knees.
The still crouched orientation is bearing extra external views for the limited- and then there’s mine, unlimited, undone.
A compromise of gravity in dispute of force.

The decision; the pursuit of which direction lays the uncomfortable, the partnership of dormant will. Mindful stealth?

I’m a lodger of temporary locality, determined by current temperament and a lumpy equilibrium, trying to make raid assault on lost composure trying to conjure some nonsense to tempt. 

I have a lonely body. No missionary or unsafe tussling.

I will fight horizontal and empathize with the farthest current waters sources.
While we pry, we pray, we dive.

Looking for others who drown whole, fragile, erect immobile.
The truth; we are boneless, gay, we are superfluous and innocent, we lie to ourselves, taint ourselves wholesome - the lies of fables.


Take me by my image, the image that evokes. Take me of a place we can find commonplace, that resonates to both our reflections, I do not know who you are, but now I am finding myself within you.
I am with you, yet I belong to the world.
I greet the tempestuous the unaligned and call home to pastures that currently cease to awake the bashful statures of stars above.

The world rejoices and asks, who can I ask if I am recognizable or to question the state of my manifestation?
Unless I am a temporary moment of memory, I necessitate domestication to retain rogue reverie and find tessellated desolation, always alone always together.

It all seems knotted.

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