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I am usually 'advised' by my peers to separate my proposed techniques...
I create via incorporation.
Thus, this is what i shall continue to do.


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Gemini, asteroid

Gemini, asteroid

“you asked me how and what I dance to…
The answer is: I dance on you, with you and for you.”

I understand the rationality of another is to understand no-other.
I can anticipate the takeover, yet in this meantime I indulge in this present composure.
One being half coddled, the other heartless, a heart at loss.

To beat slowly and persevere is to believe in the pace of your other.
Wavering passiveness
Incomplete escapes
Transference. To deceive your sister and elude her story- is to find our lonely body slipping through every sensation unstirred, impact-full.
The erosion of aid
Dare not speak
Dare not tell

The light of the day grazes upon my dream, the heat triumphant, prevailing the dark waters.
The femme upon my back lays her breath upon my ear, stating her indulgence
“I am not giving up”
“I am in love with your insensate disruption” - your Gemini.
Naturally active, unbeknown, mind, your mind, numb.
Mind your mind sister.

What one once thought as a feeling, has an ego. It tempts its comfortable state and promises to burst.
It can orbit, slow- transfixed on creating unsafe acts. Performing exploits.

I again smell her eyes on my front, working her pace from my back, around, affecting, enveloping, operating, dissolving my responsiveness.
Despite attempts to transgress, I have gone under.
Immediately seduced.
The dance has begun.
She on me.

Betting my doubts aloud, my other half regulates.
She reveals regular confessions of an emotive addict, I am here as a result of surplus conflict-a responsive dweller, disrupting ones life line, forever undisputed her passionate savior.
She exposes, herself as; part of but not in love with the fringes of the pacifist.
I tease her neck until she succumbs from the front.
I am her, her signaler of music, her fighter of all that marvels and stuns.
I accredit the red skies, these reassuring status’ that all faith resides in what is above.

My lips are here to prove my endurance, my respondence.
It is me that draws upon the deepest pleasures and exhales long lasting pleasure into her, unto the world, without me the flashing lights do not startle or provoke sex.
Without my part the flora does not germinate, echoes would not reverberate you would be damned half dumb.
 I promise and provide the midnight sun; I am the bastard of your hope.
 Before law and logic your dainty permits my acquaintance, your heart akin with my beat.
Left and right, no wrong.

Left love, adjoining tastes, incapable instincts, souls uncertainly laced with past and present.
 As the birds take flight north, I look south, the vibrations of silence rake the evidence of my being state.

I have danced; I now rehearse again for another debut.
Unsure and fighting my way back into the impossible diversion of blind sight.
Wander to rest.
Matinee in the day.

You’re my stranger, the other half of my stranger.
I don’t know you, or when you arise.
Your silence is cruel, your presence is affliction.

Because of you I understand how to be exquisite and scared. Your remnant allows me to recuperate in my sleepless solitude as you blazon in my place, you cope and transpire as I cower.
Not stable but wondrous.

My anger, my truth and my mechanism of fight.
Two sufficient halves. Surrendering-in and at arms.

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