Why not

I am usually 'advised' by my peers to separate my proposed techniques...
I create via incorporation.
Thus, this is what i shall continue to do.


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Lifeless demonstration

Lifeless demonstration

The red through my veins maintains your passions
The red reveals more than your bounce or word.
High off color and intuition, haul up!
I need you for soul conservation.
Come be live in this head, be habit of the nitrogen air I breathe, impress your full facet onto me.
Come sit.
Revel and reveal to me that I am she the one, the puller of stars and the one that grounds the magic upon your feet.

Remaining nameless, my offer is validated
The freedom to have another, layen for the lions.
Alive, a life is that which is now par shared sharing smoke and mirrors, a sting, the tyranny of substitute mutant inside.
The darkness posses the affections of who enables the grace and articulation
Bearing a tint to look directive at the daylight; here is to the delayed. broken communication and lost transitions that is all I am.
gracefully addicted knowing you are not.

Once these fears project you are unsafe, drunk and wanted.
Mourning light.
A closed window cannot hear reason or whispers.

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